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Our Inspiration

What inspires me:

My grandfather was the adult outside of my parents that  I was closest to as a child and a young adult. He was the epitome of kindness, acceptance and compassion in his life and with all those that he touched. There isn’t a day that I don’t miss and think of him but when I opened this company I did it with him in mind. I always think of how I would want someone to have treated “my Abuelo” or grandfather. His kindness is also the reason that I’m never quick to give up on those patients that are challenging or difficult as cases.  He always inspired me to try to be better than I am. As I look at how our company is growing and the people we have in it I am grateful for the direction, skill , quality and care that our team continues to develop.

Our staff have tremendous qualities that help make this company great. I always push our staff to remember who or what helps inspire them to be great for themselves and for others. They continue to impress me with their dedication to our patients and our company.  I hope this gives some insight into one of the people who drives me to push for greatness.

Sincerely ,
Dominic Aloma
Owner/Operating Manager/Practicing Healthcare Professional